Friday, February 22, 2013

New Home

Hello everyone.

My name is Alejandro Correa, i'm sixteen years-old and I live in Colombia. I used to be a member of the site 1up, where I had been active for almost three years and had some really great friends and made all my blogging. Now with the news that the site will be closing down, i'm moving my blogging here, where I can have all the freedom to write about anything. Not to say that on 1up I didn't blog about anything. It's just that because the site was mainly for videogames, I wanted to have a balance between gaming and non-gaming blogs. Because there's no limitations here on Blogger, I could use this as my space to talk about anything.

Before the inevitable closing, I told everyone of my friends that this will be from now on my blogging spot. I will also concider getting an account at Pixlbit, where some of my friends are going to, but i'll think of that later.

I'm really going to miss 1up. It was a place where I actually felt that I was in a community and we could share our love and passion for gaming. It makes me sad to see the site go, but life goes on and it's not like I will lost all my friends. In fact, I got a list of the places where they are right now and some know about this blog.

For the time being, here's my new home. Make yourself comcortable. Expect to see more.